Soap Loaf Wire Cutter V9

  • $229.00

This is the perfect tool for quickly cutting your soap loaves into even, professional looking bars. 

This cutter will allow you to cut

21 even soap bars with 15 mm thick in one press,
or 16 even soap bars with 20 mm thick in one press,
or 13 even soap bars with 25 mm thick in one press,
or 10 even soap bars with 30 mm thick in one press,

or 9 even soap bars with 35 mm thick in one press,
or 8 even soap bars with 40 mm thick in one press,
or 7 even soap bars with 45 mm thick in one press.
This cutter is suitable for cutting cold process, hot process or melt and pour soap.

wire soap loaf cutter is the perfect investment for quickly cutting your loaf of soap into even professional soap bars with ease.
This wire soap cutter will produce finished bars that are 1.5cm / 2cm / 2.5cm / 3cm / 3.5cm / 4cm / 4.5cm thick.
Along with your purchase we will also supply you with an extra set of cutting wire. You can easily re-string without any hassle.
Material: Moso Bamboo 
Dimensions (not include wooden handle):  40cm X 24cm X 5cm

Package Included:    
1x Soap Loaf Cutter
1x Set Of Extra Wire  

Please note this is handmade item, every product is unique. And the wood can vary up to 2-3mm